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A Big CES Comeback in 2023

Based on the amazing crowds at CES 2023, with packed booths and long lines everywhere, it really seemed that people have finally awakened after the long COVID lethargy. And those people clearly were interested in everything smart and intelligent.

From a smart lavatory pan that provides health monitoring to smart cars, smart glasses and watches and personal devices, CES showed there is a real desire for intelligence in most every device. Apple, Amazon, Samsung, LG, BMW and many others wowed the CES audience with new solutions. Among their offerings were demos of AR/VR, robots, smart homes, and other systems designed to improve our lives and health.

At POLYN Technology we have helped to lead the way for innovations. At CES we presented for the first time our digital twin of a Neuromorphic Analog chip for voice processing at super low power, and we were inundated with visitors to our booth.

Our solution is targeted to HA (hearing aids), OTC (over-the-counter), TWS (true wireless stereo) hearing systems and addresses the issues of privacy, security, speech intelligibility, and power saving inside the miniature designs for next generation products. Our capabilities include voice activity detection at 30 µW, voice extraction for HA/OTC/TWS and voice management in harsh environments. We showcased these capabilities in our highly successful voice processing demo that demonstrated to visitors the clear differences and advantages of our approach.

All our voice capabilities are enabled by our new NeuroVoice chip with automatic voice, noise, and sound switchover. We enable customers to confidentially run the evaluation in simulation prior to chip production and to influence the final touches on our chip design, including IO requirements.

Another obvious priority at CES 2023 was sustainability and environmental concern. We share that goal, and our solutions – thanks to their ultra-low power consumption – help enable green and more sustainable consumer products.

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