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POLYN at CES2023

January 5-8

Venetian Expo, Hall G, Booth 62000/12

Las Vegas, USA

Voice Processing DEMO

We’ll be showcasing a live NASP voice processing solution that can:

  • Detect a human voice
  • Extract the voice from any background noises, including irregular ones
  • Pre-process data on-device 
  • Operate at around 100 µW

Our booth team is ready to  answer  your questions about the unique NASP technology and our ultra-low-power Tiny AI chips: 


NeuroVoice is NASP Tiny AI Voice Processing chip addressing the most annoying problems of mass-market hearables:  hearing experience in case of irregular noises, power consumption, cloud connectivity and data privacy issues. It is fitted with a neural network enabling clear communication for both a speaker and listener, by app or by phone. The solution features a direct analog interface, no need for complicated integration, and ultra-low power consumption below 100µW. It can be equipped with various voice features (VAD, VE, KWS, WWD) per application request.


NeuroSense is NASP Tiny AI chip for wearables processing a fusion of PPG and IMU sensor data for the high accuracy heart rate measurement as well as auto-recognition and tracking of human activity. It addresses such well-known problems as short battery life and low tracking accuracy, providing ultra-low power consumption below 100µW and three times better heart rate accuracy than algorithm-based calculations for mass-market fitness trackers, smartwatches, health monitoring devices, and remote care wearables for seniors.

As part of our debut at CES we’re holding a prize draw with nice prizes up for grabs. Stop by for a chance to win!

How To Find POLYN at CES2023?

Tech West area, Venetian Expo
Level I, Hall G, Eureka Park
Booth 62000 - 12, Israeli Pavilion