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Why POLYN is partnering with Medicalps

Traditional healthcare approaches face inherent limitations, relying on subjective assessments, limited patient observation, and patient-reported data. Patients may withhold or misrepresent crucial information, impacting diagnosis and treatment accuracy. AI can address that through data analysis, pattern recognition, and prediction for health monitoring. It can also process vast health data volumes in real time.

Machine learning plays a key role in processing data from various sensors integrated into wearable, portable, or stretchable devices. However, existing health monitoring devices often suffer from drawbacks such as bulkiness, limited battery life, patient privacy issues and high costs due to collecting, storing, and transmitting raw sensor data.

Recent advances in deep learning enable preprocessing of raw data and extraction of relevant health predictions directly at the sensor. The Neuromorphic Front End (NFE) concept adds intelligence to sensors, reducing power consumption and maintaining user privacy.

The deployment of neural networks for health data analysis can aid doctors in understanding patient well-being, enabling better treatment decisions and personalized care plans.

To bring this solution closer to reality, POLYN has embarked on a strategic partnership with Medicalps. Based in the picturesque French Alps, Medicalps is a prominent organization in the healthcare industry, spanning biotechnologies, medical devices, and e-health. Their commitment to supporting partners in their global market journey and nurturing connections within the local healthcare ecosystem sets them apart.

Medicalps takes a multifaceted approach to its objectives, including enhancing member visibility, promoting the regional healthcare sector, and facilitating networking opportunities. They provide support through workshops, training programs, exhibitions, and partnering events.

As a key member of the French tech community, Medicalps offers resources like a MedTech park, services, facilities, and a skilled workforce, propelling the healthcare industry to new heights locally and globally.

POLYN is establishing a subsidiary office in France through this partnership, focusing on promoting NeuroSense, our ultra-low-power Neuromorphic Front End chip for health monitoring. This collaboration opens doors to healthcare stakeholders, wearable device manufacturers, digital therapeutics companies, and related healthcare industries.

Within the expansive Medicalps network, POLYN gains access to governmental health agencies, universities, associations, and private stakeholders. This opportunity allows for deeper market penetration, further refinement of NeuroSense, and the introduction of innovative solutions.

This integration into Medicalps marks the initial phase of a broader immersion into regional ecosystems in an area often compared to France’s Silicon Valley. The region boasts 14 research centers, 220 laboratories, 21,000 researchers, and a world-renowned university, providing an abundance of resources for pioneering advancements in healthcare technology