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POLYN to Showcase Vibration Monitoring at Hannover Messe 2024

Demo Will Highlight VibroSense Application Specific Neuromorphic Analog Solution

April 17, 2024 – POLYN Technology, a fabless semiconductor company supplying application-specific Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology and products, will demonstrate its advanced NASP-based vibration monitoring at Hannover Messe next week, on April 22-26.

POLYN’s vibration analysis solution is based on VibroSense for Machine Health Monitoring. It offers an unparalleled reduction of vibration signal data by more than 1000 times and high anomaly detection accuracy.

POLYN is the first to implement vibration monitoring in an analog neuromorphic design. Each mechanism’s vibration has a distinctive waveform that a neural network can recognize among other vibrations and extract from any background noise. Usually, such AI-based solutions run in the cloud and use much power, but POLYN offers it locally on a tiny VibroSense chip with ultra-low power consumption.

“Our market research has shown that implementing condition monitoring of machines that could reduce the operational expenses for companies is limited by the sensor node cost and difficulties in the wireless transfer of IIoT data,” said Aleksandr Timofeev, CEO of POLYN. “VibroSense, which enables affordable wireless sensor nodes working on batteries or with energy harvesting, will remedy this situation.”

POLYN’s demo at Hannover Messe features a mechanism and a wireless sensor node reference design with a VibroSense chip model inside. The VibroSense model is trained to recognize certain states of the mechanism and monitor its different vibration behaviors caused by various conditions. A neural network implemented in the VibroSense model extracts unique patterns from the sensor’s raw signal. It classifies the trained states of the mechanism and detects abnormal behavior.

POLYN will demonstrate its vibration monitoring advantages and how these work on-device at stand F18-5 in the Predictive Maintenance Pavilion, Hall 9 of Hannover Messe.