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POLYN Technology is Finalist for Embedded Award

March 28, 2024 – POLYN Technology, a fabless semiconductor company supplying application-specific Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology and products, is a finalist in the Hardware category of the 2024 Embedded Award for its Neuromorphic Front-End chip innovation.

The winners of each category will be named on April 9 during the Embedded World event in Nuremberg. The awards recognize outstanding innovations in embedded system technologies.

The NASP NFE chip is a tiny computing semiconductor component based on novel Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing technology. It performs raw data pre-processing on-device directly after the sensor. The analog design gives the NASP NFE the advantages of ultra-low power consumption – about 100 microwatts – and low inference latency, a few microseconds.

Neural networks implemented on the NASP NFE chip reduce the data flow by a thousandfold already at the sensor level. This minimizes data transmission, processing, and storage costs, making the whole solution sustainable.

Unlike general-purpose processors used for ML tasks, the application-specific NASP NFE chips can be easily integrated into existing sensor nodes.

“We appreciate that the award jury, which compared POLYN with many others in the hardware category, recognized us as a finalist. It reflects that our approach and technology are novel and best suited for the sensor edge,” said Eugene Zetserov, POLYN’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

“By extracting only useful information and using only microwatts to drastically reduce data sent to the next compute node, the NASP analog implementation solves a big challenge of increasing data volumes transmitting in IoT. It enables innovative solutions for applications like continuous health monitoring, voice processing, object detection, asset condition monitoring, and many others. We are elated that POLYN is recognized in this way.”

“It is fascinating to see how innovations are being successfully driven forward across all disciplines in the embedded systems world. The incomparably strong submissions from the many startups in the industry are particularly noteworthy,” said Prof. Axel Sikora, chairman of the Embedded Award jury.