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Neuromorphic Front End Advantages Detailed in New POLYN White Paper

Caesarea, Israel – June 8, 2023 – A new white paper from POLYN Technology looks at the efficiency and cost advantages of the analog neuromorphic front end (NFE) in drawing meaningful value out of the sea of data generated by IoT sensors.

The white paper, The Analog Neuromorphic Front End: Extracting Real Value from Sensor Data, looks at the background of neuromorphic hardware and the drive to mirror the amazing efficiency of the human sensor system.

With NFE, the paper contends, it is possible to place intelligence right at the sensor level that can extract useful insights at the source, vastly reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted and interpreted at the edge or the cloud. The result: ultra-low latency with minimal operating power and a modest manufacturing cost.

“For IoT to proliferate, it must be as cost-effective as possible,” said Eugene Zetserov, Vice President of Marketing for POLYN. “That means reducing the amount of transmitted data by dealing with most of it at the source, and doing that with the most efficient low-power chips.”