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Making Tire Data a Key Part of Automotive Intelligence

Tire Tech Expo 2024 was a great event with great people. It was the first time POLYN participated, and we enjoyed exploring the real world of tires, from the chemical and rubber industries to production and testing, and finally, AI and mobility.

Mobility is a broad term for the advancements disrupting traditional automotive and transportation industry paradigms. Frost & Sullivan includes self-driving vehicles, electrification, ridesharing, new charging and battery technologies, innovative business models, and digital tools in the category.  

The future of tires is to be part of mobility, converting them from ordinary pieces of rubber to technology assets that provide not only simple tire pressure measurements but also various types of data collection.  

Analyzing tire data is necessary for fully autonomous Level 4 and Level 5 vehicles, which will be available in a few years. However, it is also important today to monitor road conditions based on tire data when a Level 3 vehicle is in complete control in some situations.

Mobility means a paradigm change in thinking about the car as a machine with four wheels and an engine where the driver controls the road.  The new – autonomous – car is more like a service, and we must consider what is required to make it efficient and safe. The more precise information we can extract from the sensors in that new car, the safer our trip will be. For that, more data must be collected even when the driver is sleeping in the back seat during the journey. The tire directly touching the road is a perfect source of information. The only question is how to make tire data collection a commodity that is feasible from a cost and power budget point of view.

POLYN offers a tiny chip that provides both increased accuracy of vibration data utilized for tire and road condition monitoring and requires ultra-low power. Moreover, VibroSense for Tire Monitoring processes the data locally on the tire, reducing data volumes transmitted to the vehicle’s onboard computer and various safety systems, making the whole solution energy-efficient and technically possible. 

VibroSense for Tire Monitoring concept was officially presented to the tire experts’ community at the Smart Tires session of Tire Tech 24 and received a warm welcome, especially because it represents hardware solutions maturity, allowing intelligent tires to move from a concept that has been discussed for a decade to a working reality.

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