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IoT, AI in the Spotlight at Barcelona and Paris Events

May turned out to be a good month in Europe for visiting trade shows in shining cities and exploring the IoT landscape. We saw some interesting things at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona and VivaTech Paris.

IoT Solutions World Congress

Key themes at the IoT Solutions World Congress included tech-enabled transformation, climate change and sustainability, regulations and standards, and security and cybersecurity.

POLYN’s signal processing on sensors drew much interest in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The analog implementation of neuromorphic processing of vibration signal in VibroSense is crucial in minimizing power consumption and allows its integration with compact, more sustainable wireless sensor nodes, enabling them to connect through energy-efficient radio protocols like LoRa and BLE.

At the congress, AWS presented the innovative use of IoT sensors for Generative AI, enhancing predictive analytics. The event underscored the transformative impact of IoT, the importance of sustainability, navigating regulatory landscapes, and the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures. POLYN is deeply committed to driving progress in this dynamic field, leveraging NASP technology’s pivotal role in sustainable IIoT.

VivaTech Paris

The themes of robotics, applied AI, and climate and sustainability stood out at VivaTech Paris.

One of the standout moments at VivaTech Paris was our strategic interest in collaborating with an innovator in smart clothing technology. This partnership holds potential for POLYN, as our NeuroSense chip for wearables can significantly enhance the functionality of smart clothing.

The trade show was a vibrant hub of cutting-edge advancements, including AI-driven solutions and sustainable tech initiatives. VivaTech remains a vital platform for networking and discovering transformative technologies that drive future innovations.