HEALBE and POLYN combine their efforts to make wearable devices smarter and longer-running

HEALBE and POLYN have started their collaboration to apply neuromorphic technology and neural networks working on edge to bring new types of wearable products to millions of users worldwide to make their lives healthier and happier.

  • 2+ times longer one charge operations
  • higher accuracy
  • new product features

that is what customers may expect from HEALBE and POLYN collaboration

HEALBE will bring its wearables know-how and end-customer knowledge while POLYN will apply its proprietary Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing platform to create an outstanding product in wearables category.

HEALBE is a developer and manufacturer of a GoBe smart band with 3 unique GoBe functions: it automatically counts calories digested from food, tracks water balance and measures stress level. For more information please visit: https://healbe.com/

POLYN Technology is a developer of NASP digital platform which is based on a set of proprietary mathematical algorithms allowing an IP Block to be directly synthesized from a trained neural network. For more information please visit: https://polyn.ai/