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Enhancing Communications in Challenging Environments

In the defense and security industry, the Eurosatory 2024 trade show, held in Paris last month, is pivotal in showcasing the latest solutions from conveyance to communication and meeting the challenges of the new “big global disorder.”

This event, the benchmark of land and air defense exhibitions, saw around 2,000 exhibitors from the defense, security, and emergency services sectors showcasing their products, ranging from tanks to uniforms.

This year, it was three times larger than the previous event, obviously a response to the global situation. Developing responsible defense and security for the world of tomorrow (the show’s motto) includes voice communication equipment capable of working in harsh environments.

Companies that produce communication equipment, such as helmets, gas masks, and hearing protection with communication modules, are considering the use of AI for enhanced sound recognition and processing accuracy. Many were eager to learn about POLYN’s NeuroVoice capabilities of voice activity detection and voice extraction from any surrounding noise.

Today, the main pain points of this equipment are hands-free operation, voice processing accuracy in a noisy background, and power consumption. Currently, a push-to-talk function is used in these solutions, which means communication delays for the users in critical situations.

Hands-free operation using smart voice control and a long battery life enabled by NeuroVoice are indisputable values that could save lives.

In a battle or rescue environment, AI can help with “situational awareness” when some sounds must be blocked to hear other essential sounds. For example, a warrior’s helmet can be equipped with external smart microphones to alert people about acoustic events like approaching drones and gunshots, further showing from which point the threats were coming.

POLYN is also happy to offer NeuroVoice for use in peaceful applications like noisy industrial, office, or home environments. To deliver clear communication or help people with hearing problems, NeuroVoice-based voice management devices don’t need the internet and wires. But whether the use is peaceful, military, or humanitarian, there is a need, and NeuroVoice could save lives and deliver the ability to communicate clearly.