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Condition Monitoring Data Optimization Was a Hot Topic at Hannover Messe 2024

Hannover Messe brings together a vast range of industrial companies for a huge meeting focusing on production, energy, Industry 4.0, and more. It is a great place to test solutions and find new applications.

This year, for Industry 4.0, AI and ML were everywhere – in production, digital twins, manufacturing, and automation, with an additional focus on data collection and connected platforms, analytics, and predictive maintenance.

Compared with a year ago, we see a real change in the state of mind, with high interest in data optimization in the condition monitoring process, especially for non-critical applications.

POLYN’s VibroSense solution for Machine Health Monitoring, presented at the Predictive Maintenance Pavilion, solves the challenges of infrastructure maintenance, especially in places difficult to reach for wired sensors and for mid-range (non-critical) equipment where CAPEX and OPEX must be optimized. Companies offering condition monitoring services can reach new markets using VibroSense.

Visitors to our booth were impressed by the demonstration of how the original vibration signal is converted – at extremely low latency – into a reliable pattern that contains all information needed for analysis but is 1000 times smaller. This enables affordable and sustainable applications for the PdM industry.

POLYN is ready to help enterprises, showing how the condition-monitoring solution based on massive flows of heavily noisy data could be wireless and affordable.