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POLYN COO Alexey Dolbunov Highlights Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing at 18th Silicon Saxony Day

The audience gave a warm welcome to Alexey Dolbunov, POLYN’s COO, talk on “Neuromorphic technology and ultra-low-power chips” during 18th Silicon Saxony Day on June 11th.

Saxony has five fabs and one-third of all European silicon chips are produced here. With over 500 members, Silicon Saxony is one of the largest high-tech networks in Germany, and the largest microelectronics cluster in Europe. 

Silicon Saxony Day stands out as a premier international high-tech and networking event in Europe. It provides cross-sectoral perspectives on innovations in hardware, software, and connectivity. The event aims to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer and promote open dialogue among developers, manufacturers, and users. POLYN’s abstract for the talk at the session “AI & Autonomous Systems” was selected after a thorough review.

Major players in global microelectronics, including TSMC/ESMC, GlobalFoundries, Bosh, Infineon, X-Fab, NXP, and Fraunhofer, attended the event.

“This was a great occasion for POLYN to showcase NASP to the major players. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of strengthening our relations with organizations in Saxony,” – expressed Alexey Dolbunov.