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POLYN at Hannover Messe 2024

Hall 9, Predictive Maintenance Pavilion, Stand F18-5

Hannover, Germany

What's On the Agenda?

The NASP VibroSense chip is based on the novel Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing technology. The chip is intended to be placed directly after the sensor, to perform vibration signal pre-processing.

Data pre-processing with neural networks instead of algorithms allows the detection of critical information in a signal with higher accuracy. 

VibroSense extracts only useful information from the sensor’s raw data, reducing the data flow sent further by more than 1000 times, thus supporting data transmission through LoRa and other energy-efficient radio channels. VibroSense eliminates subsequent transmission, processing, and storage costs, making the whole solution sustainable.

The main areas of the NASP VibsoSense application are:

  • Machine Health Monitoring
  • Tire and Road Monitoring
  • Asset Condition Monitoring

featured at the stand:

POLYN will be showcasing a live vibration analysis demo based on the VibroSense NASP vibration processing chip for machine health monitoring. The demo features a mechanism and a wireless sensor node reference design with a VibroSense chip model inside.

Demo at HM24

How To Find POLYN at Hannover Messe 2024?

At Hannover Messe Go to Hall 9
Look for Predictive Maintenance Pavilion
At PDM pavilion Look for Stand F18-5

We are excited to meet you there!